A Dazzling Display at BB Singapore’s 85th Anniversary Celebrations at the Singapore Expo

Our company played an integral part in both the Parade and the Show segments of BB Singapore’s 85th Anniversary Celebrations on Saturday 28 February 2015 at Singapore Expo Hall 3.

Firstly, 17 of our Bagpipers and Drummers made up a large part of the 88-strong Combined Pipes & Drums Band, comprising members from twelve different BB Companies, for the Parade Segment of the event. Here are YouTube clips on their performance:

Three of our Boys then acted during the Show Segment. SGT Lim Bin Yan took up a Lead Actor role and did really well to engage the audience and act out his role. SGT Poon Chapman and CPL Owen Foo also took up important roles in the musical, and did well in their respective acting parts. The musical storyline brought the 6000-strong audience through how the BB developed in Singapore from its beginning in 1930 through till present-day.

The Finale of the show was a Fancy Drill Display, followed by an unforgettable Hip Hop Dance performance, executed to perfection by over 40 members of our company’s Performance Drill Squad. Here are YouTube clips on their performances:

Hip Hop Dance:

Fancy Drill:

Hip Hop Dance (Closer View):

CCA Extravaganza 2015

Our company’s Pipes & Drums Band as well as the Performance Drill Squad put up quality displays during the school’s CCA Extravaganza on 3 January 2015 (Saturday). Interest in BB was high, with the majority of the new Secondary 1 members having put BB as their top choice of CCA.

Here are YouTube videos of our performances:

1. Performance Drill

2. Pipes & Drums Band Performance Pieces

Company Camp 2014

Our annual Company Camp will be held from 15 Nov – 17 Nov (Sat – Mon). We will be having a 28km hike followed by activities at MOE Dairy Farm Adventure Centre.

PACKING LIST: Here is theĀ CoyCamp_2014_packinglist

BB94th in Sec 2 NHHS Uniformed Group Adventure Trip to West Malaysia 2014

PDS @ National BB Awards Presentation Ceremony 2014

Watch a superb display by our Performance Drill Squad at the 2014 National BB Awards Presentation Ceremony:

Well done, 94th Coy PDS!