Happy Holidays!

Things to look forward to this holiday and in the upcoming semester:

  1. SpeakBoldly 2017 (for Sec 2s and ALL Old Boys): a retreat, a rites of passage, a reunion 24 – 25 June
  2. Various BB HQ Courses/ Exams: SANA, Civil Defence, Stage 3 assessments June
  3. BB CARES 2017: Catch up with our friends at Jalan Bukit Merah Lion Befrienders July – September
  4. Company Camp 2017: Planning has started, time to be together again 17-19 November
  5. CDI Games Day: Work hard for drills, reward for drills August
  6. Squad Hangouts: Squads that build basha together, stay together September
  7. Paul Alliance Cup: Titus, Barnabas, Silas, Timothy: who shall claim victory July – November